Wedding videography is our passion. We have been filming weddings for over 15 years and have always provided top quality and service to our couples. Wedding videography should be a must at every wedding. For one reason or another it's placed behind so many other wedding day needs. Now this is understandable as you don't need a videographer to be married so it's not essential. However it's the one thing you can do to completely relive and remember the day even beyond photos. Now we do photography as well but video has emotion attached to it that even some of the best photos lack. The best way to think of it is would you rather go to a movie or an art gallery? Most will say a movie and the reason is the emotion connected to a video or film. When watching your wedding video you'll actually be able to remember the feelings of the day. You'll remember the smells and emotions and joy and experience it all over again. After the wedding day it's the most important item you can have. The flowers will die and the cake won't last and I doubt you'll ever wear the dress again. This wedding video is a priceless way to relive the best day of your life.

So now that we know a wedding video is a must have and we don't want to have a life of regret, lets talk about why book Forevermore Films to cover your wedding. Lets look at this from several points of view. First you'll want to make sure they are experienced and qualified. A wedding day is a crazy time and often even the best plans don't always work out. There are always delays and unforeseen situations that need to be dealt with. This is where experience is important. We've filmed so many weddings we are able to adapt to the chaos of the wedding day. We know where we need to be and are always anticipating so we have audio ready for the toasts during dinner or we have our lights ready for the first dance as it started later after sunset. We also double backup our footage and have backup equipment at every wedding. We've seen other shooters have something go wrong with equipment and weren't able to finish capturing the day. If you hire someone new they may only have a single camera and knowing how important this day is, you don't want to risk it. Fortunately enough to the photographer we were shooting with we let them use our backup camera :) We are nice and helpful. 

This brings us to another point of emphasis. You'll want someone prepared and professional to adapt and have extra equipment. But also want to have someone easy to work with. This is probably our biggest strength. Think about it. Your photographer and videographer will be with you the entire wedding day. We are there during getting ready until the end of the reception.  If we aren't fun and easy to be around it's going to make it very hard for you to enjoy your wedding day experience. We always like to remind our couples to relax and enjoy this day. We got things covered and can adapt so their only job is to enjoy the process. After the wedding it's all a blur so again we'll capture it all. Part of this good attitude is our policy of having no hour limits or restrictions on the wedding day. Everyone knows that if you're told you'll be done by 9 and it's 9:30 and you're still there, your attitude towards whatever it is you're doing gets worse. You start to feel cheated and angry. We've seen this with other photographers on the clock so to speak who have to leave by X o'clock and will leave in the middle of the first dance or whatever is happening. Or should they stay to finish some events they are upset and have a bad attitude while doing it. We don't want this temptation or attitude when filming your wedding day so we say that we'll stay as long as is needed :) This way we are happy and are always focused on you and your wedding and not us and when we are leaving.

Finally you want some great content and the wedding to have a great flow and story feel to it. If you're watching something and it seems off every time you watch it, you won't love it and it will ruin the experience. The music and video should flow together and time should pass by so quickly that you think "wow it's over already". The nice thing about our packages is that we also have options to upgrade and increase the length of the edited highlight video should you choose. We also have options to provide the ceremony, events and toasts uncut as well on the flash drive. We just want to give all the content possible so you'll not only be able to relive the day with the amazing highlight video but also by watching your ceremony with audio from start to finish.

Now we are ready to book and reserve your wedding date and just need to know the price. We don't have our rates here online as they are different for our different markets and it was confusing for some. For example we don't charge as much for a Utah wedding as it's local as we would for a wedding in Italy. So just go to our contact section of the website and send us an email and we'll respond quickly with our prices and package options. Ask any and all questions so we can ensure we are all on the same page and you're getting the video and quality you want and deserve. Now if you are doing an elopement or destination wedding we do try to make it an affordable option.

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