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Wedding Photography

Timeless. This is our goal as wedding photographers. We want you to look at your wedding photos now and love them, as well as years from now. Our focus is on skin tone and a beautiful natural look that is both clean, soft and detailed. This is a look and style that stands the test of time.

So one of the most important decisions when hiring a photographer is to ensure that their style matches and fits what you'd like to have and see. Imagine the photos printed large and on wall in your living room. Think about how amazing they will look detailing everything from the wedding day in an HD matted album. You need to love the style and know it will be something you'll always love as your wedding photo is the one photo you can put up in your home and never take down. There are different styles out there. Some are over crushed blacks with heavy amounts of orange added. Others like to have very bright and overly vibrant colors. Some enjoy to desaturate the images of color and finally others shoot so light that skin tones are more white and everything has a light airy feel to it. Again there isn't anything wrong with these types of photographers but it's just about knowing what you like and want. Our opinion is 10 years from now you won't love the overly orange and super dark photo. Not to say we can't always edit one of your photos this way but if thats all you get then you can't go back to a normal looking photo later. So again we prefer to deliver clean professional HD images that stand the test of time. If you are a bride and agree with this thought process then you're in the right place.

So besides the look of the photos you should also make sure the professionals you're working with are great and easy to work with. That they have people skills. There are amazing photographers that can shoot incredible shots but put in a wedding day environment struggle. Fortunately most photographers that struggle with this choose to not shoot weddings and do more portrait and fashion shoots that they can control. But this is something to ensure that you have someone that can work with a crazy schedule and adapt to time restrictions and weather changes. It could be cloudy, rainy, sunny or any combination on the wedding day so your wedding photographer should be able to adapt to these scenarios. Also be the type of person you enjoy to be around as they will be with you from getting ready until the end of the reception. So you want someone happy and that will help you enjoy the wedding day as well. Finally someone able to communicate and work with groups for the family and bridal party photos. Fortunately for you we are amazing to work with :) No seriously we are as we love it and always try to make it a fun process and we can adapt to everything as we've seen it all.


Now that we know the look/style and the personality of the photographer the next thing to consider is the skill and quality of the photographer.  Someone could have the best looking photo filter and personality but if they don't know what they are doing those things mean nothing. If we take a blurry photograph or shoot at a wrong angle there isn't anything to improve it. You want someone that knows the best way to shoot and utilize the light. You may notice that a lot of our photos you can see the sky for example. Most photographers won't use any light modifications and shoot exposing the couple which makes the skies white. Now if you love white skies then this is great. We expose our cameras to the sky and background and then will light our couples to match. This way we can capture it all for you sky and all. There is a new photographer out there that will do a lot of styled controlled shoots to build the portfolio. There isn't anything wrong with this of course and I'm a fan of practicing your craft. The thing is you want to see examples from real weddings as well so you know how they will perform in not ideal circumstances. Just know 95% of our photos seen are from real weddings and clients. We are able to get these looks by knowing what we are doing. We always go to wedding workshops and are always learning how to pose, light and shoot as best as we can so our couples get the best experience possible.

Finally after considering everything above you'll want to look at the price and investment of your wedding photographer. You definitely get what you pay for in this industry so we encourage you to do your due diligence in hiring your wedding photographer. Our wedding rates aren't online typically as we cover weddings from all over and the rates are different based on where the weddings take place. If in Utah where we are located for example we have a lower rate vs our destination and elopement weddings. Please go to the contact section and send us an email to get our current rates. Ask any questions as well.

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